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Brain aneurysm recovery success!! Improving walking and independence!! Susan’s journey!

In the face of adversity, Susan's resilience and determination shine as a beacon of inspiration. Having experienced a brain aneurysm and subsequent right-sided weakness, Susan's journey towards recovery is nothing short of remarkable.

Following two challenging brain surgeries, Susan found herself confined to her home, grappling with limited mobility and the frustration of two external steps that seemed insurmountable - she was housebound.

Enter HomePhysio By Nicola Ltd, where Nicola (Owner & Specialist Physiotherapist) recognised Susan's potential and set out to redefine her mobility goals.

Initially dependent on a zimmer frame for short distances and transfers, Susan's progress became evident with each session. Guided by a tailored home exercise program that included a peg board and pulleys for upper limb and core stability, balance, and strengthening, Susan embarked on a transformative journey.

At her third session, Susan achieved the once-impossible – conquering the external steps and walking an impressive 90 meters with a four-wheeled walker. The joy of newfound freedom radiated from her as she embraced each step with confidence.

But Susan's journey didn't stop there. Determined to challenge preconceived limitations, she defied expectations by exhibiting consistent selective contractions of dorsiflexion in her right ankle – a movement deemed impossible by some. Her 9-hole peg test, a testament to her progress, improved from 36 seconds to an astonishing 16 seconds.

Beyond the physical triumphs, Susan's renewed independence extended into her daily life. She's now actively contributing to meal preparation, making soup, and embracing the joy of self-sufficiency.

Susan's story is a testament to the transformative power of motivation coupled with expert guidance. HomePhysio By Nicola Ltd's holistic approach not only untapped Susan's potential but propelled her towards newfound freedom and accomplishment.

As Susan gears up for her next milestone – a trip to Disneyland with her family – HomePhysio By Nicola Ltd stands honoured to continue supporting her on this extraordinary journey. Susan's story reminds us all that with determination and the right professionals by your side, untapped potential within your body can be unleashed.

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