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About Us

Improving your Quality of Life

About HomePhysio By Nicola

"We're passionate about working with our patients so much so we have made it our business to help".

We are highly specialist physiotherapists and motivated professionals with a passion for improving patients quality of life, functional ability, maintenance and preventing falls.

We believe that it is time that patients with a wide range of conditions have access to private physiotherapy services at home instead of a sports injury clinic dominant world.

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Why Use HomePhysio By Nicola?

At HomePhysio By Nicola, we know you are the kind of people who care deeply about the wellbeing of others. You may have an elderly family member or a relative with a neurological condition who requires specialist physiotherapy. The problem is, since the recent pandemic, access to many physiotherapy services have been drastically changed or even stopped completely and this has made you feel frustrated. We believe that is is wrong that you have difficulty accessing the essential services you need to help you meet your true functional potential and we believe we have the solution. We love working with people and have been providing specialist physiotherapy for over 15 years and can now offer this directly to you in your home environment.  We currently cover the Scottish Borders.

Here's how it works, simply contact us to book a FREE telephone assessment and we'll listen to your story and design your plan to get your loved one moving again. So, stop worrying and start smiling again, its time to start your rehabilitation journey and improve your quality of life!

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