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Whether you're an individual concerned about your own mobility and balance or an organisation dedicated to minimising falls risk for your residents or clients, our Falls Prevention Educational Booklet offers invaluable resources and practical guidance to support your goals.


Empowering Individuals:

If you're worried about mobility or balance issues for yourself or a loved one, or if you've experienced a fall or near miss and want to prevent further risks, our downloadable booklet is designed for you. With 10 educational handouts covering all areas of falls prevention, you'll find essential coping strategies and actionable tips to try.


From learning how to develop your falls strategy and safely rise from the floor after a fall to identifying and mitigating home hazards, each section addresses specific aspects of falls prevention, ensuring a holistic approach to staying safe, active, and independent.


Our booklet also provides insights into managing anxiety and fear of falls, home exercise regimens, optimising vision and hearing health, addressing continence issues, selecting appropriate footwear, understanding osteoporosis, and managing medications to minimise fall risks.


By implementing the recommendations outlined in our Falls Prevention Educational Booklet, you can minimise the likelihood of falls and associated injuries, reducing the risk of hospital admissions and promoting overall well-being.


Benefiting Organisations:

For charities, sheltered housing facilities, and nursing homes dedicated to minimising falls risk among residents or clients, our booklet is an essential resource. It equips staff members with the knowledge and resources needed to educate individuals about falls prevention strategies effectively.


Tailor falls prevention interventions to meet specific needs and circumstances, whether it's implementing home hazard assessments, organising group exercise sessions, or conducting medication reviews. Promote independence by empowering residents or clients to take an active role in their own falls prevention efforts.


By accessing our Falls Prevention Educational Booklet, organisations can proactively address falls risk factors, minimise the likelihood of fall-related injuries, and enhance the overall safety and well-being of those they serve. Invest in the safety and well-being of individuals by incorporating our comprehensive falls prevention resource into organisational practices today.

Falls Prevention Educational Booklet

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