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National Dream Big Day - shine your light bright!!

Every great journey begins with a dream. Mine started in primary 4, a time when most kids are still exploring what they want to be when they grow up. While some of my classmates dreamed of becoming astronauts or firefighters, I discovered my passion for physiotherapy. It was a simple yet powerful vision: to help people heal and improve their quality of life through physical therapy.

As I grew older, my dream only intensified. I pursued my education and training with relentless dedication, eventually becoming a physiotherapist. But I didn't stop there. My commitment to excellence and continuous improvement led me to become a senior physiotherapist, where I had the privilege of running the neurological outpatient service. This role allowed me to make a significant impact on the lives of patients suffering from complex neurological conditions, and it fueled my passion for making a difference.

In 2015, my dedication and hard work were recognised on a national level when I was honoured as the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) Safety Representative of the Year for the UK. This accolade was not just a personal achievement; it was a testament to the power of dreaming big and striving for excellence. It reinforced my belief that no dream is too big if you are willing to work tirelessly towards it.

Despite these successes, my journey was not without challenges. During my time in the NHS, there were moments when the bright light of my dreams seemed in danger of being extinguished by those who couldn't see or share my vision. Yet, I remained undeterred. I knew that the path to achieving one's dreams is often fraught with obstacles, but perseverance and positivity can turn challenges into stepping stones.

However, my biggest life challenge came when I was diagnosed with a rare health condition that required a specialist operation and a 12-week recovery period. This was followed by a second operation during a career break year with my third child. The physical and emotional toll of these experiences broke my spirit, and I found myself in a very dark place.

In the midst of this darkness, a tiny spark ignited within me: "What if I could dream of any work environment that would truly make me happy and provide the best work-life balance with my children? What would that look like?" This small but powerful thought reignited my passion and lifted my mood during recovery. It was this "what if" that allowed me to dream big again and ultimately led to the birth of my business. As my recovery progressed, I rediscovered myself, shedding the labels of being unwell or in recovery. It was time for a new, bigger label: entrepreneur!

With this renewed spirit, I decided to take a bold step forward and launch my own business. Starting with just three half-days a week, I gradually expanded to five days. Today, I am proud to lead a dedicated team of five professionals working across the Scottish Borders, from Berwick to Edinburgh. Together, we have built a thriving business that embodies our shared commitment to patient care and innovation. And this week from humble beginnings of an office in my bedroom and equipment in the garden shed to having an office and storage space! I had not dreamt of achieving this as soon as 2years into the business but it goes to show that dreams can come true if you keep taking steps forward.

But the journey doesn't end there. Fueled by the same passion and determination that guided me from my primary 4 dream to becoming a senior physiotherapist, I have now launched a Private Healthcare Network. This initiative aims to revolutionise healthcare delivery in our region, providing comprehensive, patient-centred care that meets the diverse needs of our community.

Dreaming big has always been a driving force in my life. It has guided me through every stage of my career, from the early days of envisioning myself as a physiotherapist to leading a successful business. I have learned that no dream is too big if you keep taking steps forward. Each step, no matter how small, opens doors to new opportunities and dreams that can surprise and inspire you.

On this National Dream Big Day, I encourage everyone to embrace their dreams, no matter how ambitious they may seem. Surround yourself with positive energy, believe in your potential, and never let anyone dim the light of your aspirations. Keep dreaming big, keep striving forward, and you will achieve more than you ever imagined.

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