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How Home Physiotherapy Helped a Stroke Survivor Achieve her Life Goal - To Fly to Visit Her Family.

Do you remember Liz's success story on how she got "back up on that hill"? Following this achievement she set a life goal of flying to the Isle of Harris to visit her family. Read more of her story.....

At HomePhysio By Nicola Ltd, we believe that every patient's success story is worth celebrating. Today, we want to share the inspiring recovery journey of one remarkable individual who overcame immense challenges to achieve her life experience goals. Meet our patient, Liz, as she shares her triumphs in reconnecting with her family on the Isle of Harris after a stroke left her facing fear, obstacles, and fatigue.

Back Up on That Hill:

After experiencing a stroke, Liz found herself facing a daunting uphill battle in her recovery journey. Simple tasks that she once took for granted became major challenges. However, with the dedicated support of our home physiotherapy team, she persevered and slowly regained her strength and mobility. As her ability improved she achieved getting "back up on that hill," ready to face life head-on once more.

A Long-Awaited Reunion:

One of Liz's most cherished dreams was to visit her family on the Isle of Harris, a place she hadn't managed to travel to for a long time due to her stroke-related limitations. With unwavering determination and our comprehensive home physio rehabilitation program, she was able to turn this dream into a reality.

Overcoming Fear and Obstacles:

The journey to Harris was not without its challenges. Fear of setbacks and facing unfamiliar environments tested Liz's resolve. However, our holistic approach to physiotherapy rehabilitation addressed not only her physical needs but also provided emotional support. With the encouragement of our caring team, she found the courage to confront her fears and embark on this life-changing journey.

We broke down the large goal of travel into small manageable goals - the transfers involved, steps, handling luggage, distances required, positioning, prolonged postures, how to manage fatigue, anxiety with flying and positive mindset. It was important to understand what we needed to work on and what support she could access to minimise fatigue and maximise function at the end destination. We advised on liaising with the airport to gain assistance, regular structured rest periods, request to access seating within the aeroplane early, anxiety management with fear of flying - distraction (listen to music/reading), positive affirmations, tapping, breathing control and developing an activity planner for the time on the Isle of Harris.

Fatigue to Endurance:

Fatigue is a common hurdle in stroke recovery, often hindering progress. Through personalised exercises and carefully planned sessions, our home physiotherapy program helped Liz build endurance. Slowly but surely, she gained the strength needed to endure the long journey to her family's embrace.

The Benefits of Home Physiotherapy:

Liz's success story exemplifies the transformative power of home physiotherapy with a holistic approach. By tailoring our treatments to address both physical and emotional aspects, we empower our patients to achieve their life experience goals and regain their independence.

At HomePhysio By Nicola Ltd, we are incredibly proud of Liz's inspiring journey of triumph. We loved receiving her postcard letting us know she had achieved her goal and she was still working on her home exercise program by practicing her hand writing with her affected hand!! Very impressive!! Her story reaffirms our commitment to providing personalised, holistic home physiotherapy that empowers individuals to overcome challenges and reach their life experience goals.

If you or a loved one is seeking expert home physiotherapy in the Scottish Borders, contact us today, and let's embark on a transformative journey together!!

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