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Meet Amanda Bell: Our New Technical Instructor Physiotherapy Assistant Helping You Achieve Goals!

We are thrilled to introduce Amanda Bell, our newest team member at HomePhysio By Nicola. Amanda joins us as a Technical Instructor Physiotherapy Assistant, and we couldn't be more excited to have her on board. We want to take this opportunity to share why Amanda is such a valuable addition to our team and how her skills and dedication will benefit you on your journey to improved health and well-being.

Experience You Can Trust

Amanda brings a wealth of experience to her role, previously working in Intermediate Care within the Physical Rehabilitation Team. In this capacity, she was an integral part of an integrated health and social care service, focused on providing person-centered domiciliary rehabilitation. Amanda's ability to work autonomously shines through as she completes initial assessments, provides equipment, and offers therapy interventions to aid and promote your goals. Her commitment to your progress is unwavering, always striving to guide you toward the path of recovery.

Not only does Amanda excel in her current role, but her previous experience as a junior assistant with NHS Borders has given her a well-rounded perspective on patient care. From housekeeping and stock control to administrative tasks for physiotherapists, she understands the intricacies of healthcare from every angle.

A Passion for Functional Rehabilitation

Amanda shares our deep-seated belief in the power of functional rehabilitation. We are dedicated to helping you return to the activities and passions that define your life, and Amanda's commitment to this philosophy aligns perfectly with our mission. With Amanda by your side, you can trust that your personalised care plan will be designed to restore your independence and get you back to doing what you love.

A Compassionate and Trustworthy Partner

Beyond her technical skills and experience, Amanda embodies the qualities we hold dear at HomePhysio By Nicola. She considers herself a mature individual who communicates openly and honestly with her patients. Her approach is built on care and compassion, ensuring that you are treated as an individual without judgment. Amanda's sincerity shines through in every interaction, making her someone you can trust and rely on during your recovery journey.

A Lifetime of Learning and Growth

Amanda's dedication to her profession is evident in her commitment to professional growth. Over seven years in the field, she has continuously expanded her skills across various departments, including orthopedics, care of the elderly, stroke, and respiratory care. Her experience spans both acute and community settings, encompassing care in hospitals, outpatient facilities, and the comfort of your own home. She is also qualified in Swedish Massage and Remedial and Sports Therapy Massage at Diploma level to help soothe those aching muscles!

Balancing Life and Well-being

Amanda understands the importance of a balanced life. She is motivated by the desire to help you regain and maintain your independence, respecting your core values. Her personal goal is to challenge herself professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that she is always at her best to support your journey.

Outside of her professional life, Amanda is a loving partner and parent of two young children. She enjoys exploring the great outdoors, staying active through exercise classes, and participating in local community events and fundraising activities.

In Amanda Bell, you have a trusted partner, dedicated to your recovery and well-being. We believe her skills, experience, and compassionate approach will enhance your experience with HomePhysio By Nicola, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact she will have on your lives.

Welcome to the team, Amanda!

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