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Overcoming Stroke & FND to Return to Swimming!!

Celebrating a Remarkable Success:

At Home Physio Nicola, we are driven by our passion for a holistic approach to physiotherapy that helps individuals achieve their lifestyle goals. Every week, we witness incredible success stories that warm our hearts and reinforce our commitment to providing personalised care. Today, we proudly share the inspiring journey of a remarkable woman who, with the support of our joint physiotherapy session in the pool, not only is recovering from a stroke and functional neurological disorder (FND) but also triumphantly returned to swimming. We believe in the power of tailored therapies in diverse locations, and this success story beautifully illustrates how we help our clients achieve their goals, step by step.

Rebuilding Independence and Confidence:

When this courageous lady reached out to us, she had experienced both a stroke and FND, resulting in significant physical challenges that affected her daily life. We understood the importance of regaining independence and confidence after such a life-altering event. Her long term goal was to go on holiday abroad in September. Following our goal setting conversation we had identified short term goals required to build up to achieving the holiday goal. These building blocks consisted of walking independently, improving high level balance, exercise tolerance, stairs and upper limb dexterity to aid independence in holiday transfers/transport and the hotel environment. The big goal was being able to enjoy the swimming pool in the sunshine. We problem solved access, risk mitigation (water shoes & environmental distractions of crowds/music/brightness) and fatigue management during and after swimming. A strategy was developed to gradually work on each of these stepping stones to build endurance, confidence and graded exposure. To provide her with the best care possible, we opted for a joint physiotherapy session in the swimming pool at Hawick, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of water.

Harnessing the Therapeutic Power of Water:

Hydrotherapy, or aquatic physiotherapy, offers numerous advantages for stroke recovery and FND rehabilitation. The buoyancy of water reduces the effects of gravity, supporting weakened muscles and joints, while also providing resistance for gentle strengthening exercises. By immersing our client in a safe and controlled environment, we were able to create a customised exercise program tailored to her specific needs, focusing on improving her mobility, balance, and overall strength.

Accessing Independence with Pool Steps:

One of the primary goals of our physiotherapy sessions was to help our client regain independent access to the swimming pool. To achieve this, we carefully designed exercises that focused on improving her ability to navigate pool steps confidently. By providing targeted guidance and support, we empowered her to overcome this challenge, enhancing her mobility and boosting her self-assurance.

Adapting Strokes for Success:

With gradual progress in her pool mobility and enhanced confidence, our client expressed her desire to regain her swimming skills. We worked closely with her, adapting strokes to accommodate her abilities while maintaining proper technique and safety. Through meticulous attention to detail and gentle guidance, we enabled her to relearn breaststroke and even adapted front crawl, instilling a sense of accomplishment and joy.

The Power of a Holistic Approach:

At Home Physio Nicola, we firmly believe in a holistic approach to physiotherapy. We understand that every individual's journey to recovery is unique, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our treatments to suit specific goals and aspirations. By combining the therapeutic benefits of water with personalised exercises, we helped our client not only regain her physical abilities but also fostered a positive mindset and an improved overall well-being.

Locations that Empower You:

Our commitment to helping clients achieve their goals extends beyond their home environment. We understand that diverse locations can provide unique opportunities for progress and success. Whether it's a local pool, a community centre, or even an outdoor setting, we are passionate about creating an environment that supports your aspirations. Our team of dedicated physiotherapists is equipped to adapt and personalise sessions to any location, ensuring you have the best chance of achieving your desired outcomes.

The remarkable success story of our client's recovery from stroke and FND, enabling her return to swimming, fills us with immense pride. She now can't wait to return to swimming weekly and to go on holiday!! It is a testament to the power of a holistic approach to physiotherapy, team work with our clients, tailored exercises, and the therapeutic benefits of water. At Home Physio Nicola, we are dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to recovery, offering support not only in the comfort of their homes but also in locations that facilitate their goals.

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