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Success of the Week

We would like to start sharing our success of the week! Our patients work so hard and we would like to celebrate their achievements .

From the beginning of the year-

  • a stroke patient stood and held his wife’s hand for the first time in 20 months!

  • a brain injury patient demonstrated the ability to differentiate between coloured switches to aid communication!

  • an MND patient walked outdoors and went for a coffee the first time in 6 months!

  • a patient recently discharged from hospital who could only transfer from bed to chair can now mobilise around his house with a Zimmer!

  • a cerebral palsy patient now has the ability to independently complete a large and small peg board when previously unable to use the hand functionally!

  • a cardiac surgery patient can now achieve walking for miles, regaining exercise tolerance and well on their way to achieving a previous very active lifestyle!

We will share a success of the week every week moving forward!

If you would like us to help facilitate you achieving your full potential and improve your quality of life call 07778663470 for your free telephone consultation & to book your appointment!

We cover the Scottish Borders offering physiotherapy in your home!

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