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Success of the Week - Cerebral Palsy - We Help Improve Function!!

A lady living with cerebral palsy can now achieve zips and buttons on her clothing and jackets! We started by looking at her sitting balance and trunk control then progressed to her shoulder stability. After this we started to explore the pattern of her movements trying to reduce her compensations that had developed over the years. Grasp and release exercises with art work and musical instruments brought great fun to the task! She progressed so well we then explored pinch grip by using a large peg board which she thoroughly enjoyed! Lets complete the jigsaw!! Once this technique was mastered we progressed onto food snack items and functional objects. As her confidence flourished we assessed her function with jackets and cardigans on her wheelchair table. The fantastic support network of family and carers then carried over these techniques into everyday situations and she now manages her zip and removing her sleeve when out and about!! Functional goals like these can provide independence and confidence when out in social environments. Its such a rewarding part of the job to see someone improve and glow with their success!!

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