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Recovery after a fall and hip pain!! Let us help you return to your passion in life!!

Success story of the week- how did we help a lady return to her passion of gardening??

A lady contacted us after having a fall over a year ago and had been experiencing hip pain, a herniated desk and fear of falling. She also had a recent diagnosis of Parkinson's and her feet had frozen, which had contributed to her falling. Her acute pain was limiting her functional ability, and she no longer felt confident to go outdoors rendering her mainly housebound. She's always been a very keen gardner and a very active lady who could mobilise unaided. Following her fall, she required a Rutland trolley with four wheels and shelves to help her mobilise around her house. She was unable to go upstairs and had been downstairs living unable to go for a shower, having a wash downstairs. Her life had changed significantly.

At her initial assessment we could see there was a lot of pain inhibition where her body was terrified to feel the pain. We established some gentle exercises to send signals to the body it was safe to move again. Once this became easier we then awoke her selective movement in her hips and core muscles. We were then ready to strengthen initially in bed then seated and now in standing. Her confidence began to flourish with walking re-education and cueing to help reduce her shuffling walking and risk of freezing with the Parkinson's.

We were ready to tackle the stairs! With guidance on her posture and technique she achieved the stairs independently! Now she can access her upstairs bathroom making a significant impact on her functional ability.

We then explored her outdoor steps and garden. With guidance on technique, pacing, posture management she was independent! We added high level dynamic balance exercises to her home exercise program. Her mood was elevated and expression was bright and animated. She said she felt like she was finding herself again!

This week she was able to go outdoors in the sunshine into her garden to cut the grass and weed unaided!! She has always been a keen gardener and can now return to her passion !! Her progress has been fantastic and she has also been out with her family for a meal and is planning a trip to the Garden Centre!!!!

Let us help you return to your passion in life!! No matter your age, condition or circumstances we will find a way to help you achieve your life goals!!

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