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Success of the week - MND - We Help Prevent Hospital Admission!

A lady from the Scottish Borders who is living with MND developed a chest infection and was reviewed by her GP and started on oral antibiotics. The Motor Neurone Disease had contributed to a weak cough, breathlessness and increased fatigue as her body was using its energy to fight the infection. She has a great support network of professionals and friends around her, including the MND Nurse specialist and the respiratory team in NHS Lothian. Her main goal was to avoid hospital admission and stay at home. We were able to provide support at home with chest physiotherapy manual techniques, breathing exercises, education and assistance using her cough assist machine, CPAP ventilation machine, nebuliser and suction machine. We encouraged good 24hr postural management to help her with her chest expansion and to conserve energy by being fully supported. We worked on standing, transferring and walking practice to help with deep breathing and function. She successfully recovered from the chest infection and avoided hospital admission!! So proud of her hard work and determination!!

HomePhysio By Nicola Ltd can help prevent hospital admission!! #stayathome #support #scottishborders #MND #physio

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